Corporate Headshots LA

 Corporate Headshots LA

Corporate Headshots LA by JMS


1 Person 1 Retouched
1 Headshot Looks
150-200 Photos
1 Retouched Photos
2 Person 2 Retouched
2 Headshot Looks
200-350 Photos
2 Retouched Photos
3 Person 3 Retouched
3 Headshot Looks
450-600 Photos
3 Retouched Photos



  Corporate Headshots are extremely important in this age of digital media.  A picture says a thousand words and with the right headshot you can be assured that you are making the right impression.  I have photographed so many amazing corporate headshots over the years.  I just wanted to share what embodies a great business photography.

  What makes a great Corporate headshot or corporate portrait?  First you have to start out with professional lighting.  Most portraits use soft lighting to give the skin a soft natural glow.  Soft lighting also makes the eye colors come alive. 

The next important part of a great corporate headshot is planning your design.  If it is specific for a website or business card you should pick a background or setting that would best compliment the intended usage.  The most common backgrounds are grays, whites, blacks and environmental. 

  Pay attention to the details.  No detail is too big or small.  We are all in the business of details.  Making sure your clothing looks proper, hair is perfect, make-up is natural and blended, tie is straight is only the beginning.  The key to great photography is a constant analysis of all the details.  The world is in a constant state of change and it’s important to keep up with it.

  Today the post processing of photographs is just as important as the actual snapping of a photograph.  The world of digital photography gives us so many options to enhance and correct photos in post.  Retouching is in many regards a form of digital painting.  It is extremely important to have a great understanding of how to use the tools properly and not to over retouch photos.  Retouching should be very light and not over done if possible.  Great retouching for a Corporate Headshot or  Business headshot should be natural and have a nice glow to it.


  Headshots LA only uses the highest quality equipment and processing techniques.  Our high-end studio facilities have been set up to provide an exceptional quality of photography and post processing.

  The studio is located in Downtown Los Angeles.

620 S Main St LA CA 90014 

     Individual In Studio Headshots Pricing – Is listed above on the chart.

    Group Packages and Location Packages – Call for a quote. (317) 522-6206



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