Commercial Headshots Los Angeles

Commercial Headshots Los Angeles


Commercial Headshots Los Angeles

Commercial Headshots Los Angeles

 The commercial Industry surrounds us every day.  It influences all of our day to day decisions.  What cereal we eat to what car we drive, commercials are there to persuade us to prefer one brand over the next.  Working in the commercial industry as an actor requires confidence and a real over the top attitude that sells people.

 I want to give a brief description of what a commercial headshot is, how to prepare for commercial headshot session and tips on how to perform while shooting commercials or just taking photos in general.

As we know a commercial headshots is typically very smiley and over the top.  You or your agent will use this headshot to submit for advertising campaigns, TV commercials, billboards, magazines, or for any type of job that involves selling a product or lifestyle. Commercials campaigns tend to use people who can appeal to large amounts of people but then again you never know who will be the next face of a brand.  

Anyone can be a commercial actor.  Actors in commercials come in all shapes and sizes.   A great smile goes a long way and it is the ultimate tool for a commercial actor’s tool belt.  Generally, a great commercial headshot should clearly show you as a “Happy”  “Warm”  “Funny”  “Reliable”  “Dependable” person.  

It is good to define the most positive expressions or characterisics that you can think of and figure out a way to express those using your face.  If you can’t decide what the idea behind the picture is or the ‘state of mind’ of the actor on the image is undefinable, then you are not looking at a good commercial headshot.  At the same time, a good commercial headshot should have the most appealing part of your personality included- if you open all your creativity and genuinely follow a clear idea of what you want the picture to say, you’re practically there.  I want a commercial headshot to have a combination of many different interpretable characteristics.

If you have a clear intention and know who your character is, good acting just happens. Simply keep in mind the above guidelines and allow your best qualities to come out.  

Commercial Headshots should be on a brighter backgrounds with brighter clothing.  Commercials are bigger than life and so the clothing and backgrounds should help bring a warmth to the actor in the photo.  Most commercials on TV are shot on white or are outside but just as long as it’s a great shot of you smiling it shouldn’t matter too much the background.

I suggest practice smiling with teeth and without teeth for at least 5 minutes a day for 5 days before a commercial headshot session.  This will help you feel more natural before you get in front of the camera.  I also strongly encourage laughing for 5 minutes a day.  I know it sounds crazy but you wouldn’t believe how many actors I catch that can’t laugh on command and convince me that it is real.  Practice.  Convince me.

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