If you are an actor or model, you know the importance of a good

headshot.  When trying to book a job, your headshot is the first impression of

what casting agents see – it’s important that it be the best representation of

yourself.  So you want to look your best!  I always tell clients that for the week

before their headshots are taken, they should be exercising, getting plenty of

sleep, drinking a ton of water and eating clean.

The best advice I give my clients is to substitute 2 meals a day with 2 meal

replacement shakes per day. Typically I recommend doing a shake for breakfast

and a shake for lunch, then eating a healthy dinner. Some of my model friends

recommended a weight loss shake by 310 Nutrition called 310 Shake, which I

always recommend because it has less than a gram of sugar per serving and is

only 90 calories per serving.  At such a low calorie count, it gives people room to

add different things to the shake to change the flavor so they don’t get sick of

drinking it.  I like mixing in spinach and kale, sometimes apples, and strawberries

and bananas together are always a good idea!  310 Shake follows my rule of

eating clean and keeping out the bad stuff, enabling you to look for very best for

headshot day, some people  even take supplements as to also boost their mind and be able to perform better. The protein shake doesn’t contain any sucralose, fructose or

aspartame.  It utilizes a proprietary protein blend and leaves out the soy.

Basically, 310 has taken care to cut out all controversial ingredients and are able

to present their customers with a clean, healthy meal substitution.

Drinking this, combined with at least 7 hours of sleep per night, 2 liters of water a

day (easy equation to remember: eight 8-ounce glasses, the 8×8 rule), moderate

portion sizes of lean meats and fish, veggies and fruits, and grains and beans,

plus some healthy exercise will get you looking your best so you can book all

those jobs that you are destined for!