Headshots LA Photography Studio

Headshots LA Photography Studio

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Headshots LA is a photography studio with packages for any project. We provide the kind of headshots Los Angeles professionals need! Call 317-522-6206.


This blog is about my Headshots LA Photography Studio and the surrounding neighborhood.  This is where all the magic happens.  By magic I mean photography.  No I’m not a wizard…  Not anymore at least.  jk  

I believe this is my fourth official photography studio.  My first studio was in West Hollywood, second studio was at the Brewery lofts, and my third studio was also in downtown LA but about a half mile away by Staples Center.  Every time it gets better and better.

My new Headshots LA Photography Studio is the best.  The natural light here is amazing.  Just check out the wall of windows.  Another amazing feature of this place is the two French doors on either side of the window.  There are just so many possibilities here.

I’ve always used the best when it comes to equipment.  I shoot with the Canon 5D SR 50 megapixel camera in combination with the L Series Lenses.  As far as lighting goes I bounce between natural light and studio light.  For flash photography I only use Profoto.  You can see on the left side of the photo above my underwater rig.  I also just started drone photography as well.  Never a dull moment.

The neighborhood is the center of downtown LA and it’s cool.  Some of the best coffee shops and restaurants of all Los Angeles within a few blocks.  There are so many hidden gyms around here it blows my mind.  If you are looking for hands down amazing coffee while you are down here check out Spring for Coffee.  If you are get lucky enough to grab dinner then check out Barama.  Makes me hungry just typing the name.

The studio is surrounded by parking lots and parking garages.  There are also a ton of parking meters.  The parking meters some how are more expensive than the parking lots.  Not sure how that works but I suggest just park at a lot.  I avoid parking tickets like a pro.  Always just go for the lot or garage and forget about worrying about that meter.

Hope you enjoyed this blog about Headshots LA Photography Studio.  Maybe I’ll see you here sometime.  I do also rent the studio to a select few.  You can email me if you want more info.  Thanks for your time.  

2 Look 2 Retouch
2 Headshot Looks
200-350 Photos
2 Retouched Photos
Copy of all Hi Resolution Photos
3 Look 3 Retouch
3 Headshot Looks
450-600 Photos
3 Retouched Photos
Copy of all Hi Resolution Photos
4 Look 4 Retouch
4 Headshot Looks
600-800 Photos
4 Retouched Photos
Copy of all Hi Resolution Photos

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