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Headshot Wardrobe Tips 2017

Headshot Wardrobe Tips 2017

Headshot Wardrobe Tips

One of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life will be to pick the right clothes for you headshots.  That is an over statement but I do understand how frustrating picking the right headshot clothes can be.  It is the crucial part of your preparation and it will ultimately make or break your headshot session.  I cannot stress enough to people to take your clothing selection seriously.  Put some serious time into making the right choices.  What you wear will say something about you.  Even though your clothes shouldn’t be a fashion statement they should be the proper clothing that is widely accepted in the commercial, theatrical and business professional industries.

  1. Consult your agent for specific agency related headshot clothing requirements.
  2. Avoid busy patterns or distracting buttons and zippers.  Clothes should look good but not distracting.
  3. Please wear form fitting clothing.  It’s important that clothes not be baggy.  You want to show your body type.
  4. Layers are a great way to make an outfit interesting and give you depth.
  5. Don’t wear white clothes.  Even if it is an under shirt for a suit you can wear an off white undershirt that is off white or has a slight color in it.
  6. Grey is the new black.  Many agents now are trying to stay away from black.  We all love it but too much of a good thing I guess can be bad.  I wear enough black for the both of us.  Go with a dark grey if you want to stay dark.  It’s the new black. =)
  7. Tank tops have always been a good thing back in the day but it seems they too have run their course.  I’m not saying you can’t do it but it’s definitely not your strongest option, that is unless you are in desperate need to show off the gun show.  Definitely talk to your agent on this one and think if it’s a good look for you.
  8. Please help me to keep your black shirts lent free.  I’m 0n it most of the time but I appreciate it too if you remember to use my lent rollers to keep your dark shirts and jackets lentless.  Photography is a team sport.
  9. Don’t worry about your shoes and pants for headshots.  If you decide you want a 3/4 headshot then you need to bring pants that match your shirt.  Most headshots are from the belly button or nipple.  3/4 shots are usually done by request.
  10. Keep your clothing simple and modern.  It’s 2017 and your clothes can date you or be current.  If you want your headshots current make sure your clothes are.  Cuts change every season for designers.  A simple black t shirt from 2014 is not the same simple black t shirt of 2017.  The details are everything.


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