How a Headshot Sessions works

A headshot sessions starts off with a consultation on styling.
  • We go through what you bring with you.
  • Make sure you bring a few extra options unless you are totally sure you know what you want.
  • I would rather us have a couple options just to be safe.
After we plan your looks out we do any last minute steaming or lent removing.  Details are super important for a striking headshot.
Hopefully, you read my preparation tips and brought some great wardrobe options.
You also should have thought about what backgrounds you like and discussed that with me.
We review what order we want to shoot the looks based upon changes in hair, make-up or location.
Next we decide what backdrops we will be using with which outfits.  Please think about this before you arrive.  It makes it easier once you get here to already have a good plan. Properly matching outfits to the back drop is important to keep contrast and color contradictions from happening.
Once we are organized and have a game plan we do final touch ups on hair and make up, then begin shooting.
Each look takes about 10-15 min to shoot.
  • I start off by doing a coaching season on how to pose and how to maximize the results of your headshot session.
  • While we are shooting we are continuously evaluating our progress to make sure the photos are exactly what we are looking for. 
  • If you have quite a few looks I suggest bringing a little snack to keep sugar and energy up.  Taking photos uses more energy than you would think.
Expect your photos to arrive within 1-3 days via Dropbox. 
Click here  for Dropbox instructions.
Click here for a map to the studio and parking information.

Headshot Sessions by JMS 

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