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How a Headshot Sessions Works

A headshot sessions starts off with a consultation on styling.

◦ We go through what you bring with you.

◦ Make sure you bring a few extra options unless you are totally sure you know what you want.

◦ I would rather us have a couple options just to be safe.

After we plan your looks out we do any last minute steaming or lent removing.  Details are super important for a striking headshot.

Hopefully, you read my preparation tips and brought some great wardrobe options.  You also should have thought about what backgrounds you like and coordinated it with the backgrounds you like. Next we review what order we want to shoot the looks based upon changes in hair, make-up or location.

Then we confirm what backdrops we will be using with which outfits.  Please think about this before you arrive.  It makes it easier once you get here if you already have a good plan. Properly matching outfits to the back drop is important to keep contrast and color contradictions from happening.

Once we are organized and have a game plan we do final touch ups on hair and make up, then begin shooting.

Each look takes about 10-15 min to shoot.

◦ I start off by doing a coaching season on how to pose and how to maximize the results of your headshot session.

◦ While we are shooting we are continuously evaluating our progress to make sure the photos are exactly what we are looking for. 

◦ If you have quite a few looks I suggest bringing a little snack to keep sugar and energy up.  Taking photos uses more energy than you would think.

Expect your photos to arrive within 1-3 days via Dropbox. 



Headshots LA Photography Studio address is:

620 S. Main St. #204 LA CA 90014

Door Code #0204


Headshot Tips

1. Consult with your agent: They will have a specific way they want to market you.

2. Outfits: Plan your outfits and make sure you iron or steam your clothes. American Apparel, Target, or Zara are great places to find headshot clothing because their styles are basic and modern. Bring extra options if you are not sure about what to wear.  If you want 3/4 shots wear pants that match your outfit.  If you want standard headshots don’t worry about wearing matching pants.

3. Things to Bring:

◦ (Male Products)– Comb, brush, styling products, lip balm, shaving gear if you need it and I suggest buying some powder to keep the shine down.

◦ (Female) Products Make-up, Hair products, curling irons, blow driers, etc.:  If you are doing your own hair and make-up please do your make-up and hair at home and bring things to do touch ups while you are here.

4. Parking Money: Have 3-5 dollars for parking.  There are meters that take a credit card on Hope Street but just in case bring a little cash for parking.

5. Nutrition: Make sure you’ve had a nice meal so you are focused.  It’s all about giving energy to the camera.  You better have something in your stomach.

6. Practice Expressions: Your face has muscle memory.  So the more you stretch your muscles during the shoot the better variety of shots you will have to choose from.  Practice expressions in the mirror prior to the shoot.  SURPRISED ,HAPPY, SAD, WORRIED, SEDUCTIVE, LOST, CONFUSED, EXCITED, TEMPTED, DEVIOUS, NERVOUS, SCARED

Wardrobe Tips 

Theatrical/Acting Headshots


◦ Muted colors

◦ Grays, Blacks, Earth Tones

◦ V-necks

◦ Layering is always a great idea

◦ Try to keep your clothing modern.  Pay attention to the cuts of the shirts and the materials.  I like shirts that look modern but don’t distract.

◦ Try to put your vibe into the styling of this shot but not so much as it takes attention from you.  Keep it generic.

Do Not-

◦ Spaghetti Straps

◦ Busy patterns

◦ Overly stylish

◦ Out dated styles

◦ White

Commercial Headshots

Something vibrant that makes you have a commercial feel. You want to wear colors that you look best in.  

I suggest a medium intensity color. 


◦ Colorful shirts that compliment your eyes, skin and hair.

◦ Modern cuts, don’t be dated from the start

◦ Shirts that frame your face shape

Do Not – 

◦ Too Colorful, or too bright

◦ Busy patterns

◦ Out dated styles and cuts

◦ Stay away from white unless under a jacket.

Pick Backgrounds

– Go to through my headshot portfolios and pick the backgrounds for each of your looks.  You can take a screen shot of the backgrounds you like and send it to me or use Pinterest pins to make a board with the backgrounds and info you want to combine for your headshot inspiration.  


Headshot Hair and Make-up 


◦ Headshot hair and make-up should be kept very natural, using colors that are soft and complimentary to your skin tone.  The makeup should not stand out too much or distract from your eyes and expression

◦ Foundation should be kept as natural looking as possible, but have enough coverage to hide imperfections.  Most people will need a medium to full coverage foundation.  However, those with very clear skin, may only need to use concealer

◦ Lips should be natural as well, perhaps one shade lighter or darker than your own lip color.  This may depend on the clothing or the look you are going for.  Lip gloss is recommended to keep the lips looking fresh

◦ Eye makeup should be given the most attention, using enough eyeshadow and liner (in natural tones) to make your eyes pop

◦ Should you decide to hire a professional, below is a list of artists I recommend.

Professional Hair and Makeup Artists


◦ Make-up and Hair packages ranges from $150-$300.  Contact the MUA directly for current rates.

◦ Please send the artist of your choice a recent photo of yourself along with hair and makeup references

◦ Payment in the form of cash or credit card, is due on the day of services

◦ If you are having your hair and make-up done at the studio we will need to start at 9am.

WoMen's Headshots Los Angeles

WoMen’s Headshots Los Angeles

Melissa C Tolentino 

◦ 310-850-2398

◦ info@makeupbymc.com


WoMen's Headshots Los Angeles

WoMen’s Headshots Los Angeles

◦ Linda Chiriac

◦ 310- 770-8211







Headshot MUA

◦ Lernik Grikorian

◦ 818-726-5992





Also checkout The Glam App!  Hair and MUA’s to your door.



Dropbox How To

1. Download the dropbox software https://www.dropbox.com

2. Open the software

3. When you receive the link from me click on it.  Make sure your dropbox software is open.

4. Then click the arrow on the top right of the screen to reveal the options.  Proceed to click ADD TO MY DROPBOX.  At this point they should be on your computer but I suggest copying the folder in your dropbox to a second location for safe keeping.

5. After you have downloaded your photos please send me a message to let me know that I can remove the photos from my Dropbox account.

6.  Now it’s time for you to select your favorite photos from each look.



Tips for Selecting

– The first round of editing I go through the photos quickly and pick all the ones that jump out at me but I don’t waste time being to picky.

– The second round I go back and take a closer look at the photos.  I then get rid of any that have what I call deal breaking qualities.

– The third round I put the ones that are similar side by side to see which ones are less striking and I remove those from the bunch.

– Then I will have it down to the last few and I put them side by side to see which one is the most striking and best full fills the purpose of the photo.

– At this point you have the photos you have selected and you must decide if you want them retouched.



 – Please send me the 4 digit image number for the photos you would like retouched.

– Retouching can take from 1-2 weeks.

– For express orders $10 fee and they will be sent in 1-3 days

– You can purchase retouching by Clicking Here!  Scroll to the middle where you see the retouching section.  



If you are interested in printing your headshots please visit my Actor’s Links page by Clicking Here!  Here you will see a section that provides suggestions for printing services.  Tell them that you were sent by me and you will receive a small discount on your prints.


Acting Links


The top sites to register for online casting possibilities. The profile links on these sites can also make for good temporary actor websites.





Website Design:

Every actor should have some level of web presence. If you’re ready for your very own site then check out some of these resources.





Workshops & Actors Networking Services:

We’ve tried to only list recommended sites. Feedback is appreciated.

Actors Key

Signature Studios

The Casting Network

Actors Site.com

The Actors Network (TAN)

TVI Studios

Talent To Go

Reel Pros


Schools, Coaches & Private Teachers:

Here’s a short list of referrals directly from our clients:

Judy Kerr
Top notch acting coach and author of “Acting is Everything”.

Beverly Hills Playhouse
Amazing alumni list.

The Acting Corps

Kimberly Jentzen
Award Winning Acting Coach & Director

Get “A-Listed”
Bonnie Gillespie’s business coaching, classes and seminars (online or in-person)

Career ACTivate
Coaching, classes and seminars to take control of your acting career or launch a new one.

Michelle Danner Acting Studio
Michelle Danner Los Angeles acting conservatory program

Headshot Reproduction:

The labs in town I currently recommend, all are friendly and have great service. Please know that headshot printing prices average out about the same with the good labs in town so it really comes down to personal preference and above all …sevice! If you ever have a negative experience please let me know.

Argentum Photo Lab
(seasonal discounts.)

Graytone/Richard’s Photo Lab

Pixels LA
(Will split orders, competetive pricing, quick turnaround.)


Demo/Voice Reel Services:

Secret Handshake Ent.
“The best demo reels in the history of the universe.” (truly)

Buddha Belly Studio
Voice-Over recording facility.


Other Acting Related Links:

A resource directory for actors.

Hollywood North
Free Toronto based actor/model networking site.

A resource directory for actors.

.2 acting.com

Tips and advice for aspiring actors.

Backstage Magazine

Great source of information for actors.