Dropbox How To

1. Download the dropbox software https://www.dropbox.com

2. Open the software

3. When you receive the link from me click on it.  Make sure your dropbox software is open.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.40.37 AM

4. Then click the arrow on the top right of the screen to reveal the options.  Proceed to click ADD TO MY DROPBOX.  At this point they should be on your computer but I suggest copying the folder in your dropbox to a second location for safe keeping.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.42.53 AM

5. After you have downloaded your photos please send me a message to let me know that I can remove the photos from my Dropbox account.

6.  Now it’s time for you to select your favorite photos from each look.


Tips for Selecting

– First I go through the photos quickly and pick all the ones that jump out at me but I don’t waste time being to picky.

– The second round I go back and take a closer look at the photos.  I then get rid of any that have what I call deal breaking qualities.

– The third round I put the ones that are similar side by side to see which ones are less striking and I remove those from the bunch.

– Then I will have it down to the last few and I put them side by side to see which one is the most striking and best full fills the purpose of the photo.

– At this point you have the photos you have selected and you must decide if you want them retouched.



 – Please send me the 4 digit image number for the photos you would like retouched.

– Retouching can take from 1-2 weeks.

– For express orders $5 fee and they will be sent in 1-3 days

– You can purchase retouching by Clicking Here!  Scroll to the middle where you see the retouching section.  



If you are interested in printing your headshots please visit my Actor’s Links page by Clicking Here!  Here you will see a section that provides suggestions for printing services.  Tell them that you were sent by me and you will receive a small discount on your prints.